Julia Gillard, resign…Now…Immediately

Gillard must resign. Now. Immediately. This attempt to shut down, blackmail, coerce, threaten all media is, for a Prime Minister, the worst crime against free speech, and a fully independant media there is. (Of course, not at ‘your’ ABC though)

Not only did Prime Minister Julia Gillard personally try to stop a story involving herself being written, posts were pulled that were in the public domain last week and on the weekend, and a radio journalist was shut up in the middle of a broadcast. Read the full column from Andrew Bolt at the above link.

This was my link to the pulled stories last week, where all this started

I don’t know if these are back online at the moment, but the main gist of the stories can be read here.

If any of us or any other politician tried to muzzle media like this, we would be laughed at or ridiculed. The corruption of this government and the unions is mind-boggling and reminiscent of the goings on of a soviet style dictatorship. Good on Andrew Bolt and the other journalists for sticking to their principles.

UPDATE: Labor further getting up people’s noses

Now Labor slides in Victoria, too

Andrew Bolt continues: Labor’s last bastion on the mainland starts to crumble:

VICTORIAN Labor’s support has crashed to a two-decade low as Ted Baillieu’s Coalition rides a wave of anti-ALP sentiment in Julia Gillard’s home state.

The latest Newspoll reveals Victorian Labor’s primary vote has dived more than eight points since the state election last November, delivering the Coalition a landslide lead just nine months after last year’s knife-edge poll.

The last time a Labor government was this unpopular in Victoria was when Joan Kirner’s ill-fated administration was in its death throes.

Newspoll shows Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu’s Coalition has a 57-43 per cent two-party-preferred lead, which would cost Labor close to 20 seats if a state election were held today….

The Newspoll will also spark debate about whether the troubled Gillard government is now poisoning the state vote in Victoria.

First, it’s more evidence that the Labor brand generally is in deep trouble.

Second, it shows that in Victoria, at least, less politics is more.

Third, there is indeed a poisoning of Labor’s state vote by the toxic Gillard Government.

Lastly, if federal Labor is losing it even in Gillard’s home state… well, recovery will be a decade away. A leadership change and a radical renewal is becoming urgent.

Adding to that urgency is increasing evidence that independent MP Andrew Wilkie will indeed make good his threat to vote down the Government by May if it does not deliver (and it won’t and can’t) on its promise of a mandatory cap on pokies losses. That denies Gillard its last, false hope that if voters got enough time to see that the carbon dioxide tax isn’t so bad, they’d forgive the government.

In fact, there is no time. 


Gillard considers an inquiry that could muzzle her critics

Andrew Bolt – Wednesday, August 31, 11 (05:01 am)

The threat and the demand:

THE Gillard government has a fortnight to decide whether to hold an inquiry into the regulation and ownership of the media after the Greens leader Bob Brown gave notice last week he would seek to establish one. …
Read it all

There is a lot more, go to Bolt’s own blog and keep scrolling, a large inter party brawl looks like having started, the beginning of the end.

UPDATE 3: Not just in Australia, India too, WALTER RUSSELL MEAD: Corruption In India: Not Finished Yet. “Taking power from those who pay bribes and giving it to those who extort them is almost never a recipe for reducing corruption.” No, but it’s always popular with the political class.  Just like some Australian Union bosses giving their workers hard earned cash to their political masters, and lining their own pockets. In one case HSU receiving Federal money for their coffers, then donating it back to the Party at election time. Disgusting.

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