West Australian Police…Charter of Rights

I wont comment on where police or protesters are right or wrong, that will be for the reader to decide for themselves…

Charter of Rights

Authority of police

The nature of police officers’ work is such that they must have special authority that should not be abused. These include the right to:

  • undertake their lawful duties without hindrance, resistance or abuse
  • require any occupant of a motor vehicle to undergo preliminary breath testing where the driver is unknown
  • search for and seize property under lawful authority
  • arrest a person with or without a warrant
  • lawfully use reasonable force to restrain, effect an arrest or execute a warrant
  • lawfully require of a person his or her name and address and, where it is reasonably believed that an offence has been or is about to be committed, to stop, search and detain any person or vehicle.  

Community rights

In their dealings with the Western Australia Police, members of the community have a right to:

  • be treated honestly and openly
  • be treated fairly and with respect
  • request that police officers identify themselves
  • communicate or attempt to communicate with a friend, relative or legal practitioner if they are detained in custody
  • be cautioned prior to being formally questioned as an offender
  • be fully informed of all charges preferred
  • only be detained for as long as is lawfully necessary
  • have their safety and welfare needs met where detained, including the right to necessary medical attention
  • have their concerns acknowledged and responded to in a professional manner. 

Community obligations

The Western Australia Police relies upon the cooperation of all members of the community to make Western Australia a safe and secure place. To play their part, citizens have a moral obligation to:

  • comply with the law
  • assist and support their police and report information relating to any offence
  • treat members of the Western Australia Police with respect and in a civil manner comply with any reasonable directions given by a police officer in the performance of his or her duty.


Our credibility is dependent upon our members acting with integrity and in a professional and ethical manner. Each member is expected to demonstrate the following principles in their conduct, behaviour and practices:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Empathy
  • Openness
  • Accountability  

More information:

Ethical Standards Division
Tel: (09) 9223 1000

A vital part in maintaining a high standard of service to the community relies upon an understanding of the rights and obligations of individuals in the community and of members of the Western Australia Police.

Occasionally misunderstandings occur about the roles and powers of police officers. These misunderstandings can leave individuals, who have very little contact with the police, feeling dissatisfied with the level of service or an officer’s conduct. This Charter of Rights has been produced to provide a better understanding of the rights and obligations associated with police activities.

You can help us identify the main causes of dissatisfaction with our standard of service by telling us about them. No less importantly, we also want to hear about members who excel in their dutiesso they can be recognised.

Initial protest, peaceful negotiations at James Price Point

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3 Responses to West Australian Police…Charter of Rights

  1. mal wade says:

    with some of the video footage ive seen atJJP i tink a lot of the police should undergo a refresher course

  2. Pingback: Broome and State Security police…working for Woodside | pindanpost

  3. Shane Eyre says:

    With some of the things IVE seen at JPP a lot of police both local, out of town and ROG (Regional Operations Group or TRG) NEED to be investigated, disciplined and charged with offense’s under the criminal code and like anyone else feel the full weight of the law when found guilty… but given their view is that we “photoshop” any footage or photos we may have while the goons from woodsides “hostile environmental services” security service dont… yet the police WILL without hesitation use and charge people with offenses and fine them using ONLY footage provided to them by… you guessed it “hostile environmental services” goons (which they provide directly to the police every day)… so much abuse from the police out there from outright lies, to sneering contempt, to harassment of community members while the hostile environmental services goons look on with cameras rolling! The very fact that innocent community members and tourists were filmed by these goons BEFORE during and even now is a breach of the privacy act and an invasion of every persons civil rights… to say nothing of the rights of children they film without any authority or agreement from parents or guardians… and yet the police do nothing to stop them.
    A lot of careers should END over whats happened here over the last 6 months or so alone

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