Labor/Gillard’s last straw…coming to you next week

Gillard is finished, these new revelations: A tip on something that may force Gillard to resign…

Coming so soon after this.

And not forgetting the Labor reaction to the Convoy of no Confidence.

The Union/ Labor  muckraking really has been astounding.

No wonders the Greens are keeping their comments totally zipped up, in case some of it rubs off.

Andrew Bolt: Michael Smith of 2UE has read out from this statutory declaration, drawn up by Bob Kernohan, the former president of the Australian Workers Union, in August last year. To honor my deal with the author, who will speak to Smith on Monday’s show, I believe, I will publish only those parts which Michael has already read out or paraphrased:

You will have to go to

and read it all…

Now looks like they are trying to hide the facts: How strange. Williamson’s biography on the Labor website has now been altered.  It used to disclose that he is director of United Edge, the company that provides IT services to his own union. Now it doesn’t.

UPDATE: No politics, The lawyers are at it again. 

The original post has been pulled, as well as an article by Glenn Milne, and true to type, the Sydney Morning Herald gloats, but Tim Blair comments with his usual clear style: CRAIG’S LIST

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