Absurdity of Labor/Green …and the Treasury

This is nothing short of ridiculous, and I am sure that this could be the absolute death for ever of parties connected with it. Currently the Labor party is on it’s knees. They will soon be on their backs, with legs in the air!

Carbon dioxide insanity continues

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TREASURY estimates we’ll be sending $650 billion overseas to buy permission to keep our lights.

THE $650 billion that Treasury estimates we’ll be sending overseas to buy permission to keep our lights on captures the utter, almost incomprehensible insanity of Julia Gillard and Bob Brown’s carbon tax.

It also shows what an utter disgrace the once fundamentally important Treasury department, as formerly a bastion of reason and sober advice, has become. Its so-called analysis – “modelling a carbon price” – shreds the last remnants of its credibility.

The first sentence in the key Chapter Five captures its fall, mouthing the lies of its political masters. In her words, the crap that the Prime Minister utters continually on the subject.

“The Australian economy will continue to prosper as we cut pollution to reduce the risks of dangerous climate change.”

“Pollution?” No, life-creating carbon dioxide.

“Reduce the risks of dangerous climate change?” No, not a single thing Australia could do, can have the slightest impact on OUR future climate. Close our economy down entirely and both our and the world’s climate would keep changing just the same….

Read it all, but sit down, and keep hot fluids out of range first, this lunatic tax thing is an absolute shocker…(popcorn in copious quantities would be the solution), even more so than the stupidity of the  “Thomsongate”, or “Hookergate” affair.  It has even been described as the Kath and Kim version of the Godfather.

Don’t these people read anything except their own drivel and propaganda. Probably not, I guess. Ideology, it may once have been. Far, far worse  though…this is probably now criminal.

They have probably gone too far down the knackery road to ever recover now. In fact,  in Queensland, Labor look set to lose major party status. On a two-party-preferred basis, the …  LNP’s 63 per cent to 37 per cent lead would leave Labor with just 10 seats, less than what One Nation snared at the 1998 state election. And they don’t have any epic scandals to worry about like the Federal Labor Party and Unions. The Victorian shovel squad are having a closer look  at it though.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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