“Tik, tik, tik,”…Labor’s coming demise

But what will put the government out of its agony?

Which one is defending the workers?

Hold us to account, says the Government that shut down the questions

Union tells Thomson: explain yourself

Andrew Bolt is on the case here, providing all the links to Thomson stories that probably mean that Gillard and the Labor Government will be finished, not just by the  illegal use of a credit card by a very stupid member of their party, but what is always worse…the attempted cover-up.


Graham Richardson says the Craig Thomson affair is damaging the Labor brand and has an “awful smell to it”.
Mr Richardson said Labor had to hang on to Mr Thomson to stay in government, but “Craig Thomson is getting desperately hard to cling on to”.

He said the next election would be “as bad or worse as NSW” if a circuit breaker wasn’t found.

“It’s just unsavoury to cling on to him, that’s the problem,” he said on his “Richo” program on Sky TV last night.

“This has got an awful smell to it that won’t go away.

Every day they hang on, the Labor brand gets damaged and yet they have no choice but to hang on.”

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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4 Responses to “Tik, tik, tik,”…Labor’s coming demise

  1. Saved as being a favourite, I genuinely like your website!

  2. Sam says:

    Do your own reserch, bolt is a convicted liar, his not a journo that reserches his storys, his an opinion writer thats been quoted by the likes of the norway mass murderer, Australian media is in a sad state, we have a media review in process due to writers like bolt , fair unbias reporting is required to allow balanced reporting including comments posted.

    Screen shot for my records, and review

    • Tom Harley says:

      Since when has the Age been fair? Or any Fairfax paper? Or the Biased ABC? SBS? Get a grip Sam, you don’t have to read or watch any of them, Bolt either. Despite your ramblings, he is still the highest rated political blog in Australia. The media review is nothing but the left reviewing those they don’t agree with. Ever heard of free speech? Murdoch news own 33% of papers in Australia, but have 69% of the readership. This tells me that the others are not so believable. Without the internet, I might have believed you, but you are Sam, just showing your biases here with your name calling, lies and innuendo. But that’s OK. I believe in free speech.
      1/ Bolt is not a convicted liar…he was found guilty only of offending someone.
      2/ Bolt is not a reporter, but an opinion writer.
      3/ Bolt always provides links to reinforce his opinions. (as I do too)
      4/ Norway’s mass murderer quoted lots of people, maybe even you or me, he is just deranged.
      5/ Balanced reporting, even comments?…yeh sure
      I do commend you for getting 1 point right though, Australian media is in a sad state. Probably not in the way you mean though.

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