Climate reality bites…

Gavin Atkins fact checks the global warming scares: And every claim false

I thought it would be an interesting exercise to check the veracity of each story – but what I was not expecting is that every story up until 2010 (after which some of the claims are too recent to verify one way or another) has either been completely debunked, or has since had som

So the following examples have not been cherry picked – it’s a quick analysis of every claim made about “the first casualty of global warming” up until 2010.

It’s a track that doubles back before ending at cliff’s edge

Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, August 16, 11 (09:38 am)

They’ll later be glad their gullibility wasn’t memorialised:

THE heated climate change debate appears to have forced a name change in the shire.

Sutherland Shire Council has decided not to go ahead with a proposal to name a walking track in The Glen Reserve, Bonnet Bay, after environmentalist and former shire resident Professor Tim Flannery.

Read on for Gavin’s list.

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