Labor’s continuing climate lies…

Labor, under Gillard has to keep telling porkies to try and sell it’s  lunatic carbon tax. It’s all about the money of course…h/t Andrew Bolt

THE Gillard government’s claims that Australia lags behind China in the effective price on carbon have been discredited by its Climate Change Department.

The revelations, in documents obtained through a Freedom of Information application, show that rather than trailing China’s implicit carbon price by more than $12 per tonne, Australia’s effective price could already be higher.
This undermines the government’s argument for Australia to introduce a carbon tax now at an additional cost of $23 per tonne.

The documents, obtained by the Institute of Public Affairs, show the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency warned that a crucial draft report on comparative implicit carbon prices overestimated China’s figure more than sixfold.

Despite that warning, the higher figure remained in the report and has been quoted by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet.

“Well, according to this report by Vivid Economics,” Mr Combet told the ABC in March, “the effective carbon price in sectors of the Chinese economy was $14 a tonne compared to $1.68 in Australia.”…

But a crucial email from the department to the Climate Institute in October provided final revisions to the draft report and argued the China figures were wrong.

It said the figure for the dominant Chinese scheme was overestimated at $7.58 per tonne when, if it had been costed on the same basis as a comparable Australian scheme, the price would have been $1.28 per tonne.

Not so independent, this report, is it?

The report the minister referred to was not as independent as it sounds—it was funded by government through a $70,000 payment that went via the “non-partisan” Climate Institute.

UPDATE: The movement to stop this charade starts tomorrow from Port Hedland:

The organisers’ petition, though, is blunt:

… the 43rd Executive Government of Australia has been compromised into wilfully and intentionally misleading the Australian people by introducing a ‘Carban Tax” without the
consent of the Australian people and, that would be normally decided by a free and unencumbered ballot.

I therefore demand that the Prime Minister with the concurrence of the Governor-General, immediately dissolve both Houses of the 43rd Parliament and a ballot of the Australian people called so that the people of Australia may elect a responsible 44th Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Details of the convoy and its routes here.

UPDATE, From Bolta too

Meanwhile, the latest Nielsen poll confirms that Labor really, really is a dead party walking under Julia Gillard:

The opposition now leads the government on a two party-preferred basis by 58 per cent to 42 per cent. This represents an 8-point swing to the Coalition since the poll. If the result were repeated at an election, and the swing were uniform, Labor would lose 35 of its 72 seats.

But the Sydney Morning Herald continues its tradition of searching through mountains of manure for Labor’s silver living, and produces this headline:

Gillard shines in Labor gloom

Gillard “shines”? As in, she didn’t personally lead Labor to this devastation? As in, she’s more popular that the turkeys she’s forced to lead?

Actually, no:

The poll finds Ms Gillard’s approval rating has jumped 4 points to 38 per cent since the poll a month ago and her disapproval rating has fallen 5 points to 57 per cent.

A disapproval rating of 57 per cent is not the mark of a Prime Minister who “shines”.

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