Dr. Roy Spencer, 2…Hockey Team, 0

Fallout from Our Paper: The Empire Strikes Back

by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

LiveScience.com posted an article yesterday where the usual IPCC suspects (Gavin Schmidt, Kevin Trenberth, and Andy Dessler) dissed our recent paper in in the journal Remote Sensing.

Given their comments, I doubt any of them could actually state what the major conclusion of our paper was.

For example, Andy Dessler told LiveScience:

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This must read post is a good reflection on the use and abuse of ‘peer review’ in Science journalism. The ongoing discussion in comments is well worth the time to read.

Found in comments too is a link to a post up at Climate Etc. on the Spencer and Braswell paper. I have not read it myself yet, but I feel it wont disappoint.

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