Bolt: “The whole scare is not about climate, but control.”…

Andrew Bolt is very good at finding the truth, with the help of an army of left, centre and right, commenters to his blog. There are a lot of very frank views in the always entertaining debate that often has several hundred commenting on a single post. But it’s the great number of links to articles on topic anywhere around the world that seem to show up here first, that makes this site a ‘must see’.

His latest finds another inconvenient truth:

Labor breaks another promise, voters lose another say

Andrew Bolt – Saturday, July 30, 11 (09:22 am)

Labor has broken so many promises and cheated the voters so often that this latest fraud slipped by almost without notice:

A LEADING business group has attacked the Gillard government for legislating a new, deeper long-term greenhouse gas reduction target without consultation, despite Labor having promised to seek an electoral mandate before doing so.

The Business Council of Australia said it was ‘’disappointing’’ this week’s draft carbon tax legislation would lock in a 2050 emissions reduction target of 80 per cent when Labor promised in 2008 to go to an election and seek a mandate before toughening its target of a 60 per cent reduction.
The council’s deputy chief executive, Maria Tarrant, said the new target had been included in the draft legislation ‘’without discussion or assessment of the economic impact and what other emitting countries will be doing in over 30 years’ time’’…

The Rudd government said (in 2008) that if the world reached a highly ambitious agreement for emissions reduction the government would increase its 2020 target.

‘’Should the world achieve this ambitious agreement, the government would seek a new election mandate for increased 2050 targets,’’ it said at the time.

It’s no coincidence that global warmists feel authorised to impose their policies without even a vote of the electorate. Global warming theory appeals to the inner totalitarian. The whole scare is not about climate, but control.

This post, with the link and quote, to his opposite in the SMH

Emissions cut plan for 2050 attacked by business lobby

Lenore Taylor

July 30, 2011

Read more:

Saw it here first.

Carbon dioxide is not pollution anyway, it is plantfood. 

Makes the whole carbon thing pointless, doesn’t it? A dozen perspectives, from one link.

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