More Physicists add to the debate…

LUBOS MOTL is a Czech Physicist, whose blog ‘the reference frame’ is becoming increasingly popular.

To summarize, my quantitative analysis is meant to show that AUD 23 per ton makes no real difference to the consumption of fossil fuels – and surely not for the climate – and it’s just a step for the carbon fascists to test how much they can afford to harass the society (and they want to terrorize it much more in the future). They will surely steal millions out of this scheme and some of these parasites will be able to make a living but I want to assure the Australian readers that as long as the price is just AUD 23 per ton, it will not kill the Australian economy. It will just make all sources of energy 5-10 percent more expensive and steal a few hundred of corresponding dollars from your annual income. Nothing will detectably change about the CO2 emissions.

If the carbon tax were supposed to make a difference, it would have to be $700-$1,400 per ton. In that case, most of the world population would go extinct because just for breathing, an average human would have to pay $300-$700 per year of a carbon tax. For billions of people, such an annual fee would automatically mean that they will starve to death. If someone wants to remove most of the human contribution to the warming in the 21st century – something like 0.5 °C – by a carbon tax, he will surely have to introduce a carbon tax that will kill billions of people.

Is that really a good decision? Or is it legitimate to charge the people who promote carbon regulation with their planned crimes against humanity? I am sure that no country will be able to introduce a $300-per-ton CO2 tax. The likes of Gillard who would try to do so would be rightfully assassinated as soon as they would propose a $100-per-ton or so – that’s about the critical point.

Physicist, Professor O’Brien here earlier.

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