It’s weather, alright…

Labor and Greens are somewhat worried about the temperature rising 2C before 2100. I am mystified why? We had it about 2C higher for the past two years until December last year. It was wonderful. Lots of rain over a longer period. No close, as well as, fewer, cyclones, rare mid-winter rain every few weeks. Wonderful.

Six months since then it has been 2C and more below average. That is 4C below last year. Cold and ‘horrible’? Not really, wonderful days, but cold nights. This happens regularly too. Recent months at Broome.

Statistics for the first 22 days of June 2011
Mean 12.2 27.6 6.1 10.0 20.6 41 1 17 1017.9 26.6 28 1 16 1013.8
Lowest 5.9 24.2 0 4.6 4.3 17.3 25 0 ESE 7 1014.2 23.5 13 0 SSE 7 1010.1
Highest 19.6 30.6 0 9.8 10.8 # 52 24.7 71 7 E 33 1021.7 30.4 59 7 ESE 24 1017.1
Total 0.0 133.6 210.1

IDCJDW6015.201106   Prepared at 08:20 GMT on Wednesday 22 June 2011

One wet season, we get only 4inches of rain, the next, 40 inches. One year, the Fitzroy River doesn’t run at all. That’s right, that was the year current WA State Premier, Colin Barnett, lost an election for wanting to build a 2000km+ canal from the Fitzroy River to Perth. Or a pipeline, or something. The next year it runs a banker, 20 km wide across the flood plain.

So the weather can switch many degrees on it’s own, without a carbon tax to tell it what to do. In fact, some days can be 9 or 10 degrees C hotter or colder. Why, just this month it was 5.9 one morning, and our average minimum is 15.2C  for June.

Yes this is the tropics. And I have been at Hyden in the Eastern Wheatbelt at -4C, Albany in the South of Western Australia at 45C. Here in Broome an odd 45C, Or even Mt Elizabeth Station, in the north-west Kimberley, when it was ZeroC in the North Kimberley. These same stories can be told all over Australia and even further afield. A change of 2C? No big deal!

Approaching storm, Broome

So this poor excuse for a government want us to pay billions for something that the weather does naturally every day, week and month on a scale five or more times larger. Shame on them.

The truth now appearing that it is now going to cool for an extended period instead. And whilst the Atmospheric content of Carbon dioxide continues to rise. This is all just weather, not climate.

No Desert climate changing here, but

More CO2 helps greening of the desert, so really, there is no real problem,

Just a Manufactured  political problem by  ideologues, and Politicians, mostly of the Left. And sanctioned and promoted by ” warmists among scientists that refuse to debate real science’.  The chief scientist for Australia too.

Not to forget, the Economist…

As sure as gravity, the warmist world must crumble,with further auditing of the science and politics here:

IPCC WG3 and the Greenpeace Karaoke

read it and the comments are mighty interesting. But these are the links I read, you can form an opinion easily, as more and more people are waking up» and now, warmists are  being mercilessly mocked:

Here’s the open letter. It is quite something: Continue reading →

The real scientists have convinced me that there is nothing to worry about»

The non-debate has been fierce, and I am happy with my decision to believe that side of the science. The above links are a good summary of recent changes in the science and politics of ‘non-climate change‘.

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Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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