More media nonsense…Dr. Hertzberg demolishes

Nonsense in the New Yorker

A letter to the editor that is unlikely to be printed. From Dr. Martin Hertzberg, a former U. S. Naval meteorologist with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford and holder of a Fulbright Professorship

The anecdotal, fear mongering hysteria promulgated by Elizabeth Colbert in her “Storms Brewing” comment in the 7/13,20/11 issue is yet another example of her scientific illiteracy, the New Yorker’s failure to exercise due diligence, or to your common willful blindness to real facts and data. The overwhelming evidence both scientific and historical (in the “climategate” e-mails) shows that the theory that human emission of CO2 is causing “global warming/climate change” is one of the greatest frauds in the history of science.

That the New Yorker is a vehicle for her regurgitation of the propaganda of environmental lobbyists as it ignores the real data and the opinions of real scientists, is tragic beyond belief. Your magazine is now an active participant in that fraud.

For the totality of the real data, as opposed to her anecdotal clap-trap, go to It shows nothing remarkable for the last several decades: just the normal variability in temperatures, ice cover and rate of sea level rise. Other sources show nothing remarkable in either hurricane or tornado intensity or their frequency of occurrence.

For a demolition of the fraudulent “greenhouse gas” warming theory go to “Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory”, coauthored by myself and seven others, and published this year by Stairway Press.

Colbert’s recent article in the National Geographic that fear mongered about ocean acidification also gives her a well deserved F in basic Chemistry. In her ignorance or willful blindness she fails even to mention the word “buffer”. The carbonate/bicarbonate system in the ocean serves as an effective buffer that maintains a constant pH that is insensitive to CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.   (my bold)


Editor´s note: Dr. Martin Hertzberg is a long time climate writer, a former U. S. Naval meteorologist with a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford and holder of a Fulbright Professorship. He is a co-author of Slaying the Sky Dragon – Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory and a member of an international group of scientists calling themselves the Slayers.

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5 Responses to More media nonsense…Dr. Hertzberg demolishes

  1. Brian Dodge says:

    “Examination of 24,519 measurements of coastal ocean pH spanning 8 years (Fig. 1) revealed several patterns. First, in contrast to the historical perspective that the ocean is well buffered, pH exhibited a pronounced 24-hour cycle, spanning 0.24 units during a typical day (Fig. 1A). This diurnal oscillation is readily explained by daily variation in photosynthesis and background respiration: water pH increases as CO2 is taken up, via photosynthesis, over the course of the day, and then declines as respiration and diffusion from the atmosphere replenish CO2 overnight (16). Second, pH fluctuated substantially among days and years, ranging across a unit or more within any given year and 1.5 units over the study period. Finally, when the entire temporal span of the data was considered (Fig. 1B), a general declining trend in pH became apparent. ”
    “All parameters differed significantly from zero (Table 1) after accounting for temporal autocorrelation (17). Relationships generally followed those expected based on known mechanisms likely to influence pH: pH declined as atmospheric CO2 increased, fluctuated with available sunlight, increased with increasing phytoplankton abundance, decreased with increasing upwelling, increased with increasing alkalinity, and increased with increasing water temperature. These results provide direct empirical support for the hypothesis that increasing atmospheric CO2 levels reduce the pH in ocean surface waters, and also indicate that biological processes influence ocean pH and, hence, are important to incorporate into models of ocean pH. ”
    “Dynamic patterns and ecological impacts of declining ocean pH in a high-resolution multi-year dataset”, Wootton et al, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, December 2, 2008 vol. 105
    It is amazing to me that someone who claims to be a Physical Chemist could make the claim that “The carbonate/bicarbonate system in the ocean serves as an effective buffer that maintains a constant pH that is insensitive to CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere.” Is this simple ignorance of the actual science, or willful lying?

  2. BCC says:

    “Is this simple ignorance of the actual science, or willful lying?”

    I’m going with willful omission of the key qualifier: “…over geologic timescales.”

  3. ianam says:

    You can always find a crank with a PhD if you look hard enough. Just google “Martin Hertzberg” and you will see that that’s what he is. There are thousands of PhDs who disagree with Hertzberg but intellectually dishonest people don’t mention that.

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