Mocking the millionaires…as we are mocked by having to pay for it

Cate Blanchett, who travels everywhere by private jet, and is worth millions of dollars, lectures ordinary Australians struggling to pay their energy bills on saying “Yes” to a tax that will make their lives even more difficult and achieve precisely nothin…See More
…And this:


Tim Blair – Sunday, May 29, 11 (01:44 pm)

It’s magical:…(video)



A lesson in sacrifice for the planet from the woman in the luxury Audi

Andrew Bolt – Sunday, May 29, 11 (05:43 am)


It’s not just the “let them eat cake” attitude but the hypocrisy that makes this a bad career move:

UPDATE from Warwick Hughes:

Leading Australian actor Cate Blanchett fronts carbon tax campaign

May 29th, 2011 by Warwick Hughes

Look Cate – we love your movies – thanks for all the hours of enjoyment – and we look forward to enjoying your work for years to come – but please you should stick to what you know best. You are too good an actor to lend your image in political advertisements.
dear Cate
“And finally, doing something about climate change,” Blanchett adds.
Sorry Cate but nothing we do in Australia can possibly make any difference – as this graphic comparing Chinese and Australian emissions proves. What this tax will certainly achieve is to reduce the standard of living for many Australians – who will be overwhelmingly be less wealthy than you. Not a good look for you I don’t think.
Sino emissions
We could de-industrialise Australia – just leaving some quarries for the Chinese – and the drop in global emissions would not be noticed alongside the scale of Chinese increases.
In the same advert – Michael Caton says, “What if we say yes, to making big companies pay, when they pollute our skies? We’d be saying yes to less carbon pollution,”. What pathetic GreenLabor spin – trying to blame “big polluters” – when the reality is that all of us who use electricity, or drive our cars, or fly in an airliner, or eat bought food, ride a bus, ride a train, use manufactured products – we are the “polluters”, according to the rationale behind the crazy IPCC inspired GreenLabor great big new Carbon Dioxide Tax.

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