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Letter to a journalist…no answer

Hello Michael, I have read your article in the West Australian regarding ‘carbon pollution’. This is a ridiculous loaded term, initiated by green groups who had difficulty with the public accepting the propaganda that carbon was responsible for anthropogenic global … Continue reading

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CO2 is not pollution…CO2 is plant food

ClimateGate delivered a body blow to their diminished credibility when it came out that a small cabal had been tampering with the temperature record and subverting the peer review process. The death blow to the theory is about to be … Continue reading

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War of the Whirls…

All’s Wells that ends Wells Posted on April 29, 2011 by fenbeagleblog Check this out, brilliant…

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CO2 would need to be taxed at $70Tonne…

West Australian powerstation operator Verve Energy says a carbon tax would have to be set at up to $70 a tonne to force a shift to cleaner energy. The estimate was made by Verve managing director Shirley In’t Veld, who … Continue reading

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A royal (Oz) wedding…and the Chaser’s ABC

Churching The Haw-Haw-Haw A TRAIL OF broken promises suggests it is beyond the hope of any man to make an honest woman of Julia Gillard, but… The Professor tells it best:

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Sick Joke…the last election

Tanner…’The 2010 election campaign is rightly regarded by many as a sick joke. ”The way the media portrays politics and politicians, and the way that politicians respond in order to win coverage, are the causes of this problem.” Read more: … Continue reading

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Wind power revisited

Why windmills won’t wash Posted on April 30, 2011 by Anthony Watts Guest post by the Viscount Monckton of Brenchley Consider the Oldbury wind turbine, which reveals was installed a couple of years ago at a primary school in the … Continue reading

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tiny activism…post-a-note

Mike Lorrey added 2 new photos to the album Post-It Note Activism At the Gas Pump. Post-It Note Activism At the Gas Pump Here in Oz, the second note may fare rather well.

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Marc Morano…on climate astrology

Watch Now: Climate Depot’s Morano on Fox News on Tornado/Climate Link: ‘This is the warmists blaming any weather event on climate change. Yet another example of climate astrology’ Morano: ‘The idea that our SUV’s are causing severe tornadoes is no … Continue reading

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RIP climate con

Climate Depot’s Morano Speaks at Tea Party Event: ‘RIP Man-made Global Warming: The Climate Con Has Died’ Watch Live Video of Speech on Saturday April 30 at 10am ET here.

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