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Glo-bull warming update …

Record cold temperatures are preceding ice storms across the NE US States. Snow in the Carribean countries? I want the warming to come back. Dense layer of snow on border between El Salvador and Honduras Ice Age Now The Ice … Continue reading

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fracking Green …

The new green power, shale gas is fracking green. Posted by Glenn Reynolds : ALL HAIL SHALE: Fracking Is Making America Greener. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal well drilling have transformed the American energy landscape in the space of a decade, … Continue reading

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“others did it too” …

I can see parallels with Australia’s former Comrade leader to this comment about ms Clinton: @justturnright “I didn’t do it… & if I did, it wasn’t wrong… & if it was, others do it too” -HRC Along with the same … Continue reading

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trumped …

Remember the question asked of Trump, if he would run as an Independent if he failed to get the Republican nomination or back the nominee. He said, eventually, no, and he would back the nominee. The same question was not … Continue reading

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CO2 caused …

Another ’caused by CO2′ meme? Why not, it causes everything else. This time, the meme is right, more CO2 in the last few years has: 1/ GOOD NEWS: Global poverty has fallen below 10% for the first time ever. 2/ … Continue reading

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Wall Street political leaders …

Wall Street is in a panic! Ed Driscoll : And thus, the birth of the man Glenn likes to call “President Goldman Sachs.” As Kevin noted, Wall Street abandoned the American heartland in 2008, so it shouldn’t be at all … Continue reading

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hypertension fix …

FASTER, PLEASE: Beating high blood pressure – with a beam: Heart experts treat condition by firing ultrasound waves at the kidneys. by Glenn Reynolds This could be a major turn around in the treatment to prevent heart disease. Bring it … Continue reading

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carbon nanomaterial energy saving breakthrough …

A much more sane method of Energy Watch than Musk’s subsidized Powerwall. Glenn Reynolds FASTER, PLEASE: Graphene Heating System Dramatically Reduces Home Energy Costs. Graphene is, of course, a form of that nasty chemical called carbon./sarc Photo: Xefro Breakthroughs in energy … Continue reading

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tax dodging … or good business practices?

Remember Australia’s ‘bottom of the harbour’ scandals? This post by Glenn Reynolds reminded me of the tax dodging schemes that undid a lot of people a few decades ago in Australia. CHRIS CILIZZA: The Clintons’ Finances Are Way Too Complex … Continue reading

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down the drain, with ‘other people’s money’ …

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE WHEN YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY: Greek hospitals cannot afford painkillers, scissors or sheets as budget cuts bite. Spending ‘other people’s money’ is an agenda of socialists and Marxists. It turns out, Greece was, … Continue reading

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