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Clinton’s Cash boondoggle and influence peddling…

It’s popcorn time! A new book is soon out, Peter Schweizer’s “Clinton Cash“. I just watched the ‘Clinton Cash’ investigative program on Fox News. Shocked, I was by the corruption and bribery, and so many more adjectives that are needed … Continue reading

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the energy battle losers … and the winners keeping the lights on

Some fun topics on Insta this morning: #GREENFAIL: A Two-Day Battle to Charge My Car Convinced Me We’re Not Ready for EVs. CHEAP OIL COULD kill off biofuel mandates. I wouldn’t mind keeping cellulosic ethanol research going, but food-based biofuels … Continue reading

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doubling wireless transmission speeds …

Once again, wireless speeds for data can be doubled, this time by a simple new process that can transmit and receive data simultaneously on the same frequency. Glenn Reynolds   has the story: FASTER, PLEASE: “A relatively simple circuit invented … Continue reading

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deciding the narrative …

The media today are mostly just a pathetic partisan lot of ideologues, pushing their own agenda, and Anne Althouse has had enough.  Glenn Reynolds adds   : YEAH, MOSTLY: “Almost every time I’ve talked to a reporter has gone this … Continue reading

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hiding debacles …

Bring on another, in order to hide the military failure. Climate Depot: Pentagon to unveil plan to deal with ‘urgent risk’ of climate change – May ‘require extensive rethinking of many aspects of the U.S. military’ Nuke the hurricanes instead. … Continue reading

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getting old, delayed …

Is that what a second childhood is all about once you’re over 60, a delayed aging process. Glenn Reynolds knows it: LONGEVITY DIVIDEND UPDATE: Delayed aging is better investment than cancer, heart disease research. Posted at 9:00 pm by Glenn … Continue reading

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all gassed up with a shale gas boom …

The ‘stop the frakking’ protestors would do well to watch these two videos, or let these people get very rich: AN AMUSING  AD: HELP ME STAY RICH! Internet media is all at sea over what to do about it. ANOTHER … Continue reading

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repeal Section 18C now … or use it!

Anti-semitic racism hits Australia’s Education system, now where are those 18Ccharges they so wanted to keep? This story, at least has now been picked up internationally. Let’s hope those racist anti-Semite students and their professors are condemned by their words. … Continue reading

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the tin ear …

Caligula’s spawn keeps golfing, or is it Nero: Glenn Reynolds posts an UPDATE: Barack Obama Golfs While Middle East Burns. “Last weekend Barack Obama played his 175th and 176th rounds of golf as president. He played first at Sunnylands, the … Continue reading

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alternative treatment …

This looks like a simple solution to hypertension: CYBORGIZATION UPDATE: Nerve-Stimulating Implant Could Lower Blood Pressure: Academics and pharmaceutical companies alike are looking to electrical implants as an alternative to drugs for treating disease. Posted at 2:00 pm by Glenn … Continue reading

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