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the tin ear …

Caligula’s spawn keeps golfing, or is it Nero: Glenn Reynolds posts an UPDATE: Barack Obama Golfs While Middle East Burns. “Last weekend Barack Obama played his 175th and 176th rounds of golf as president. He played first at Sunnylands, the … Continue reading

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alternative treatment …

This looks like a simple solution to hypertension: CYBORGIZATION UPDATE: Nerve-Stimulating Implant Could Lower Blood Pressure: Academics and pharmaceutical companies alike are looking to electrical implants as an alternative to drugs for treating disease. Posted at 2:00 pm by Glenn … Continue reading

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flying ‘coach’ …

I am not alone, it appears, in detesting having to travel by air any more. What was once a pleasurable experience, is now no more than a crammed ‘wingless’ coach trip, except it’s a little quicker, but only a little, … Continue reading

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even the lawyers are dieting …

Over at Instapundit, law professor guest Randy Barnett posts, the low carb diet is on the menu: POLITICALLY INCORRECT DIETING: Scott Johnson on Power Line writes: ”Inspired by Taubes, I’ve been following a low carb diet for 18 months. It has worked … Continue reading

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parasites and toads …

Now, if we could only find something like this for cane toads, currently marching across Australia, leaving death and destruction of native animals in their wake. PARASITIC MIND CONTROL: Sexually Transmitted Virus Sterilises Insects, Turns Them On.   Why would … Continue reading

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pass the butter … the science was unsettled

The worm has turned on diet and obesity, now we can be free to eat fat and lose weight: AND YET THE FOOD NAZIS WERE SO SURE OF THEMSELVES. DON’T KID YOURSELVES, THEY SAID. THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED, THEY SAID. … Continue reading

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political criminals and grubs …

Gun-running, bribery, corruption, even under-age porn, uncovered during recent raids. No, not in Oz for once, but still very left, with a similar headline: ED DRISCOLL: A Criminal Organization Masquerading as a Political Party. Rather a lot of Democratic officeholders arrested … Continue reading

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cleaning up bacteria …

This is a game-changer for the war against resistant bacteria, it will save thousands of lives once in full use in hospitals. Glenn Reynolds : WELL, GOOD: Canadian invention to clean hospital rooms may save 10,000 lives a year. (Credit: … Continue reading

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now that’s intelligence …

VIDEO: Dolphin Comes Out Of Nowhere And Asks Diver For Help. I generally dive with EMT shears. This guy looks like he’s got a Leatherman. Posted at 8:02 pm by Glenn Reynolds

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beer almost kills man …

In the annals of what NOT to do, like ‘grab a coldie’ first: AUSTRALIA: Man, bitten by deadly snake, grabs cold beer and hopes for the best. Rod’s reaction was to grab his shovel and “whack it on the head”. … Continue reading

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