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become a real scholar … or get depressed

It’s a shocking experience, having to read what our ‘scientists’ have written about themselves. It shocks a lot of people actually: ‘Climate scientists’ laid bare: ♪ Feeelings…nothing more than feelings ♫ Posted on August 21, 2014 by Anthony Watts With apologies … Continue reading

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back to the bush … station life

Station country in both Kimberley and Pilbara areas that I visit on field trips are covered in this interesting blog with guest posters from cattle station women. My brother managed Liveringa Station in the ’60s, when it was a sheep … Continue reading

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investment day, or ‘faerie’ training …

Starting to save funds and become a new share holder/owner. On October 18, I will be watching for a reduction in share prices, to take advantage of (caused by green?) protesters who don’t like their banks’ energy investments: On the … Continue reading

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money, money, money … and millionaire believers

It was never about the climate, but the money for redistribution. The climate change money machine Al Gore and all that: Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera for Fraud for Withholding Money From Sale of Current TV Flashback: AlGorjeera — It’s … Continue reading

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the cold … it hurts

No wonder it’s cold. Sunny tropical Broome cooled to 9.9C this morning. Hey, it’s mid August, whatever happened to the warming. This, by GWPF: Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 1,354,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. 148th daily record. Full post Massive … Continue reading

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all gassed up with a shale gas boom …

The ‘stop the frakking’ protestors would do well to watch these two videos, or let these people get very rich: AN AMUSING  AD: HELP ME STAY RICH! Internet media is all at sea over what to do about it. ANOTHER … Continue reading

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aussie madness …

Simon from Australian Climate Madness must feel that the climate debate has been won by the sceptics. I know the feeling, as posts on climate are now much reduced and it’s getting colder, so Simon has more time on his … Continue reading

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is there anything CO2 can’t do? …

It’s serious, people: Magic Gas: AGW increases winds – AGW decreases winds La Times, August 11, 2014: ‘Remarkable’ warming reported in Central California coastal waters – ‘The warmer ocean correlated with weaker winds, which reduced coastal upwelling, allowing warmer water to move … Continue reading

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why I moved to the tropics …

Whatever happened to Globull warming? ABC Central West‘s photo. Is this the coldest? ABC Central West Sorry Goulburn, you’ve been usurped. This is cold … I’m thinking, heavy dew? Or did someone leave a sprinkler on. So, it must be … Continue reading

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rotten media apples …

The left media show that a ‘leopard never changes it’s spots’ is a relevant comparison in their reporting and commenting. First off the block, Mike Carlton, finally resigned, or was it sacked for his disgusting rude behaviour for years. Now … Continue reading

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