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Conservation of the Kimberley … enrichment of the Savannah

This post of mine was sent to the ‘local rag’ which is not internet-able, who wanted it reduced to a third, which would have lost it’s meaning. I prefer to publish it here, along with links and images instead. Conservation … Continue reading

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Campaigning for water use…

Bit late for this now, but better than ever not doing it I guess. The CCWA have seemed overly concerned about carbon lunacy instead of the genuine environmental concerns such as groundwater, this is a welcome campaign in my book. … Continue reading

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North West sea levels…still not rising

Port Hedland: sea levels are no higher, despite Al Gore and CCWA (Neville Numbat) wishing it. Link to larger image of monthly data plot. Download monthly mean sea level data. Link to larger image of annual data plot. Download annual … Continue reading

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Darkness coming…the lunatic tax turns the lights out

Carbon tax ‘risks power plants’ au.news.yahoo.com One of WA’s electricity generators says it could be forced to dump plans to build two power stations unless the Federal Government drastically rewrites its planned carbon tax. Another reason, that carbon tax is … Continue reading

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