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medical school embarrassment …

Our future doctors  by Judith Sloan Some Cats may have been following the scandal engulfing the University of Sydney Medical School and the fact that a number of students haven’t been demonstrating the correct attitude when it comes to undertaking … Continue reading

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off the planet …

Another one run over by the bus, with the rats scurrying for dark places. Cesar Melham shows where Labor politics under Shorten, Gillard, Wilson and Co, have gone before him. The Turc Royal Commission into Union corruption has scored a … Continue reading

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tax dodging … or good business practices?

Remember Australia’s ‘bottom of the harbour’ scandals? This post by Glenn Reynolds reminded me of the tax dodging schemes that undid a lot of people a few decades ago in Australia. CHRIS CILIZZA: The Clintons’ Finances Are Way Too Complex … Continue reading

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the facts the left don’t want to hear …

Climate Change: the Facts (now, thanks to Mark Steyn’s tireless publicity, #1 in  Environmental Policy and Climatology, and #2 in  Environmental Science). (Alan Moran) Then this happened: New UAH Lower Troposphere Temperature Data Show No Global Warming for More Than 18 Years Which makes … Continue reading

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incredible rowboat escape to Australia from Java … WW2

I have read all the diary pages from one of the escapees, a pilot, Flt Sgt John Lovegrove, of this ‘great escape’ from the Japanese invasion of SE Asia. The lifeboat was called ‘The Scorpion’. An amazing story: NAME: Athol Snook … Continue reading

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Cable Beach at low tide …

More from the low King tide last weekend, click to enlarge:

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not ‘just’ a policy disaster …

Renewable energy is proving a disaster in every way, policy, environment, and social. Expensive power that pensioners cannot afford, power that cannot make steel or any other metals such as titanium and aluninium, and power that condemns wildlife to death. The Daily … Continue reading

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media’s hypocritical double standards … and Derangement Syndrome

The Australian media left are increasingly out of touch, hypocritical, full of double standards and shouting out lots of fake outrage. […] On it goes: Abbott’s comments on drinking were very few and hardly offensive. Mr Abbott …  describes St … Continue reading

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Wind weasels Lose $700 Million in “Investors” money! Blown Into the Wind!

Originally posted on "Mothers Against Wind Turbines™" Phoenix Rising…:
Pacific Hydro’s Ponzi Scheme Implodes: Wind Power Outfit Loses $700 Million of Mum & Dad Retirement Savings March 15, 2015 by stopthesethings **** Pacific Hydro is a name synonymous with…

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the ‘coldening’ … meets the “manure pile”

Apologies from  Tim Blair for the choice of title, but it fits, like a glove. The coldening: NASA Expert’s Over-The-Top Global Warming Hysteria? ‘Uh….It’s Dead, Jim’ Winter can be sooo cruel…especially for scientists who have long immersed themselves in the pile … Continue reading

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