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Living With Rare Insects

Originally posted on Living With Insects Blog:
The Northern Damselfly aka the Spearhead Bluet, Coenagrion hastulatum is found throughout Northern EurAsia where it is not uncommon. Its western range extends into Scotland where it is rare and confined to a…

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Photo of the Day – Mystic Jungle

Originally posted on Blue Line:
Monday, April 30. 2012 Ancient rainforest in New-South Wales, Australia Photo by Drew Hopper © Breath-taking spectacle when the mist as the sunlight breaks through the lush canopy. This picture taken in the afternoon in…

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An oceanic indicator of changing cloud cover?

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:
I was very interested to read the latest post over on Bob Tisdale’s blog on the abject failure of the IPCC’s models in relation to sea surface temperatures. His point is well made, so…

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Banks cooperate to track Occupy protesters

Originally posted on Tales from the Conspiratum:
San Francisco Chronicle Max Abelson April 27, 2012 …” international financial firms to “identify, map and track” protesters across social media and at their assemblies, he said. The companies gather data “carefully and methodically” to…

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Your threatened free speech…or mine

Turnbull on the latest attack on free speech The Opposition’s communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull defends free speech from the latest threat: The Convergence Review’s Final Report into regulation of the media is exactly what Australians should have expected from an … Continue reading

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Ignoring the evidence…denying it? Oh dear

Garth Paltridge Greening science The issue of climate change is now the classic example of post-normal science, originated and serviced by a research machine funded massively and almost entirely by a government department dedicated to drastic alteration of society in … Continue reading

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“everything that is wrong with America”…

Spot the joke

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Heritage threatened…

Wall Photos by: Zeitgeister Mema Another senior lawman with former PM Gough Whitlam. Just like the late Paddy Roe in Broome. Mr Roe received an Order of Australia medal for his services to Aboriginal Heritage, now about to be insulted … Continue reading

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Dr Tim Ball…calling out warming alarmists

…Alarmed? No. Tim Ball says: April 20, 2012 at 10:01 am It appears there is an orchestrated pushback as articles appear, such as the Shakun et al paper, to counteract the successful refutation of AGW climate science and polls show … Continue reading

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Mocking the loons…

Flannery’s friend and warmist colleague: Hansen Says We Can Avoid 1945 Conditions By Going Back To 1945 Conditions Posted on April 29, 2012 Hansen says that we must lower CO2 in order to prevent the climatic conditions which we had when CO2 was lower. If … Continue reading

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